ELTMaestro Data Integration

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ELTMaestro for redshift implements a "Best Practices" framework for easy, high performance data loading and preparation for the Redshift data warehouse platform as a service. It is highly customizable and designed from the ground up to leverage major components of AWS such as EC2, S3, and EMR, as needed. It is architected so one or many optional data collection agents can be deployed outside of the AWS virtual Private Cloud (VPC), or Cloud Space which extract, collect, compress, encrypt, and load data into S3 buckets where it is then bulk loaded into Redshift. This enables data transfer and loading to be geographically dispersed, highly secure, and highly parallelized for maximum performance, yet centrally managed. In fact, ELTMaestro is often faster than competing products. ELTMaestro provides a rich ensemble of capabilities which include in-database transformation, de-duplication, data quality measurement, error-handling, runtime auditing, and robust error logging.



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