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60 Day Free Trial - Prepare for absolute power to rule the AWS cloud. With vMX 3D Universal Edge Router, one of the industry's most scalable virtual routers, customers can unleash the same agility and speed to market for new services that they enjoy on their on-premise networks to scale out AWS-based workloads. vMX is a full-featured, carrier-grade router with complete control, forwarding and management planes. It runs the Junos Operating System and supports vTrio packet handling and forwarding by compiling the programmable Junos Trio chipset microcode for x86 chipsets. Closely aligned with Network Function Virtualization (NFV) initiatives, the vMX supports sophisticated routing services, including vPE and vCPE, and is suited for rapid service scale out and agile service introduction and modification for both service provider and enterprise applications. With its granular, "pay as you grow" licensing model, vMX reduces the risk associated with new market entry and service innovation and allows you to start small, move fast, and stay profitable. Not only is it an ideal platform for markets and applications that are difficult to serve with traditional hardware routers, it is also a great option for proof of concept validation, lab testing and feature and release certification. With vMX on the AWS cloud, now customers can rule their networks with the speed, agility, control and flexibility they need to rapidly scale their workloads and their businesses.



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