Deep Learning AMI with Source Code (CUDA 8, Amazon Linux)

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Deep Learning AMI with Source Code (CUDA 8, Amazon Linux)

Product Overview

Comes with pre-installed deep learning frameworks and their source code in a unified, shared python environment. Includes Apache MXNet, Caffe, Caffe2, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Theano, CNTK, Torch and Keras as well as NVidia CUDA 8, cuDNN 5.1 and NVIDIA Driver 375.66 packages. It is designed to provide a stable, secure, and high performance execution environment for deep learning applications running on Amazon EC2. It also includes Anaconda Data Science Platform for Python2 and Python3. The Deep Learning AMI is provided at no additional charge to Amazon EC2 users.

Release tags/Branches used:
MXNet 0.11.0,
TensorFlow 1.3.0,
Keras 2.0.8 with TensorFlow as default backend,
Keras 1.2.2 (DMLC fork) with MXNet as default backend*,
Caffe 1.0,
Caffe2 0.8.0 **,
CNTK 2.0,
Theano 0.9.0,
Torch (master branch),
PyTorch 0.2.0,

*Keras 1.2.2 is installed in a Conda-managed virtual environment
* *Caffe2 0.8.0 no longer supports g2 instance type

Check out the AMI Developer Guide for how-to guides, detailed release notes and additional resources for the Deep Learning AMI with Source Code:



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