vSRX Premium-Next Generation Firewall with Anti-Virus Protection

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vSRX Premium-Next Generation Firewall with Anti-Virus Protection

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The vSRX empowers you with a complete NGFW solution, including core firewall, IPSec VPN, NAT, advanced L4-L7 security services such as Application Security, IPS, UTM and rich routing capabilities. Create a secure hybrid cloud by leveraging VPN features on vSRX to extend your existing data center to AWS or to act as a secure gateway that protects your AWS workloads. Take advantage of integrated routing and advanced security capabilities of vSRX, to seamlessly add NGFW capabilities and connectivity to large multi-region VPC AWS deployments in hub-spoke topology using Transit VPC Solution or full mesh VPN topology. The vSRX delivers high firewall throughput and low TCO across all cloud environments, and a versatile and powerful set of advanced security services, including Anti-Virus, intrusion detection and prevention (IPS), and application visibility and control through AppSecure. The UTM offers cloud-based antivirus capabilities that detect and block spyware, adware, viruses, keyloggers, and other malware over POP3, HTTP, SMTP, and FTP protocols. Junos Space Security Director offers a central management solution to manage security policies across your entire network. You can now rule your network with unified security, agility, control and flexibility. vSRX on AWS NGFW Premium Bundle includes FW, NAT, IPS, Application Security, Anti-Virus subscription and support. For AWS GovCloud, please contact GovCloudSales@juniper.net



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