RIDE Server for AWS - A Data Science IDE Server

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RIDE Server for AWS - A Data Science IDE Server

Product Overview

RIDE Server is an all-in-one, multi-user, multi-tenant, secure and scalable platform for developing and sharing Data Science and Analytics, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in R, Python and SQL.

RIDE supports developing in notebooks, editor, RMarkdown, shiny apps, Bokeh and other frameworks. Supported by R-Brain optimized kernels, R and Python 3 have full language support, IntelliSense, debugger and data view. Autocomplete and content assistant are available for SQL and Python 2 kernels. Spark (standalone) and TensorFlow images are also provided.

Using Docker in managing workspaces, this platform provides an enhanced secure and stable development environment for users with a powerful admin control for controlling resources and level of access including memory usage, CPU usage, and Idle time.

The latest stable version of IDE is always available without any need of upgrading or additional DevOps work. R-Brain also delivers customized development environment for organizations who would like to use their customized images.

This Platform is a turnkey solution that increases efficiency in your data science projects by enabling data science teams to work collaboratively without a need to switch between tools. Explore data, develop analysis and share, all in one IDE with in-container root access, and connection to repositories and databases. More information is available at https://r-brain.io/en/rideserver/.


RIDE Server 5.16.1

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