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By: RocketML Latest Version: RocketML AMI 0.2.20

Product Overview

RocketML is a super fast scale-out system for both Training models and Pre-processing steps in Machine Learning. It turns model training and processing tasks from days to minutes. RocketML is easy to use because there is nothing new to learn. All the syntax of RocketML is similar to most popular machine learning libraries.

While RocketML supports Tabular, Text, Video and Image data types in its raw formats, this version is a limited edition version for try out purposes. Email us for exceptional support at

Following data pre-processing functionality is available on request to run on 1000s of cores:

1) Object detection on images and videos using pre-built deep learning models
2) Audio-to-text using CMU Sphinx
3) Google APIs, text processing for multiple languages

Following Distributed Machine learning algorithms are offered -

1) Linear Regression, Ridge Regression, Lasso, Logistic Regression,
2) Support Vector Machine,
3) Singular Value Decomposition,
4) Principal Component Analysis,
5) Non-negative Matrix Factorization,
6) K-means clustering,
7) Decision Trees, Gradient Boosted Trees,
8) Neural Nets

RocketML also allows customers to bring their own models, favorite frameworks like MxNet, Tensorflow, Sklearn, PyTorch.

As a startup company, we are on a mission to make machine learning super easy and super fast. We provide delightful service to help you be successful. Take RocketML for a free ride! Contact us at


RocketML AMI 0.2.20

Operating System

Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 1604

Delivery Methods

  • Amazon Machine Image

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