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STROKK Webservices 2018 - Free edition

STROKK Webservices 2018 - Free edition

By: Zarcrom Industries Corporation Latest Version: 2018 - Free edition

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Note: Always ensure your operating system is current for your needs.

This product includes both of the software packages described below:

STROKK Webservices 2018 - Free edition

STROKK Webservices interface exposes a set of methods through SOAP that you can consume from your preferred platform or programming language in a simple and intuitive way. Wherever a password is used in a web form or an internal application, that piece of knowledge based authentication can be hardened almost transparently with a behavioral biometrics second factor called keystroke dynamics. You will check the username and password; STROKK will check the user is legitimate and not an impostor that knows the secret phrase or somebody the legitimate user has shared the password with.

Our keystroke dynamics solution is about how you type, not what you type. It's the easiest, most reliable and effective keystroke dynamics solution that, quite simply, strikes the perfect balance between the organization's security requirements and convenience for your users. The best part is, users don't even know they're using it! It quietly runs in the background or any computer keeping your company safe without any effort at all. Users don't change anything about their login habits, which allows a control center to transparently certify the user's identity. Quite simply, it strikes the perfect balance between security requirements and convenience for your users.

STROKK Webservices 2018 - Free edition is adequate for very small companies and developers.

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2018 - Free edition


Operating System

Windows, Windows Server 2016 with SQL Server 2016 Express Windows 2016 Server R2 base

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  • Amazon Machine Image

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