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WordPress Production-Ready Certified by Bitnami & Automattic

WordPress Production-Ready Certified by Bitnami & Automattic

By: Bitnami Latest Version: 5.2.3-0

Product Overview

Bitnami, the leaders in application packaging, and Automattic, the experts behind WordPress, have teamed up to offer this official WordPress image on AWS Marketplace.

WordPress Production-Ready is a pre-configured CloudFormation template designed for production environments. Its architecture spans two availability zones in the AWS region and the auto-scaling group is configured in each node to ensure high-availability and horizontal scaling.

Maximum performance is maintained by a replication model for distributing workloads across multiple WordPress instances, Elastic Load Balancing to distribute requests across the nodes, EFS for persisting files and ElastiCache cluster with Memcached for caching database queries to Amazon Aurora.

Security is ensured thanks to public subnets configured to allow EC2 Instances to act as bastion hosts for inbound traffic. Managed NAT Gateways allow outbound traffic to WordPress instances, following the AWS security guidelines. Domain management and SSL cert generation with AWS is optional.





Operating System

Linux/Unix, Debian 9

Delivery Methods

  • CloudFormation Template

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