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Bitcoin Fullnode

By: Latest Version: 1.6

Product Overview

Note: This VM offer is updated frequently with full node ledger. Please subscribe at to get notified.

This VM provides you full bitcoin node . It has out of box setup for bitcoin which includes bitcoind & bitcoin QT GUI & synced ledger (till 4th Oct, 2020) making it easier & faster for you to fully sync the ledger.

Why you need a fullnode:
1. Gives you higher degree of privacy & keeps you safe
Running any kind of Bitcoin wallet that does not require you to run a full node means that you have to place a certain degree of trust in the service provider
A web based wallet requires you to trust central node through which your transactions are broadcasted & even lightweight clients like Electrum require that you trust their servers. Even an SPV client requires trust in a 3rd party. With your own full node, you don't need to worry about trusting a third party.

2. Gives you full control
In the possible event of a hard fork where both blockchains remain active with economic activity on each, running a full node is the only way you can validate rules of the new or old blockchain, according to your preference.

3.Preinstalled setups include:
Bitcoind & Bitcoin wallet GUI
Pre synced ledger (till the date of VM publishing)
Remote desktop
Fish shell with auto completion/suggestion
Visual studio code



Operating System

Linux/Unix, Ubuntu ubuntu 18.04

Delivery Methods

  • Amazon Machine Image

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