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The Kyndryl Well-Architected Framework (WAF) Rapid assessment is designed to provide clients with high-level guidance, recommendations and best practices to help maintain and improve secure, reliable, performant, cost optimised, and operationally excellent applications in the AWS Cloud.

The Kyndryl-AWS Well-Architected Framework and Rapid Assessment will provide Customers with a litmus test to understand their cloud architecture and performance better. Robust and well-defined cloud infrastructure can help organizations combat the challenges of the new-normal better by having a grip over their business requirements and the technology response to these requirements. Current client challenges for Cloud Optimization:

· Consumers Have Reduced Visibility and Control On-Demand Self Service Simplifies Unauthorized Use - The on-demand self-service provisioning features of the cloud enable an organization's personnel to provision additional services from the agency's CSP without IT consent.

· APIs can be Compromised - APIs are accessible via the Internet exposing them more broadly to potential exploitation.

· Separation Among Multiple Tenants Fails - Exploitation of system and software vulnerabilities within a CSP's infrastructure, platforms, or applications that support multi-tenancy can lead to a failure to maintain separation among tenants.

· Data Loss/Deletion - Threats associated with data deletion exist because the consumer has reduced visibility into where their data is physically stored in the cloud and a reduced ability to verify the secure deletion of their data.

· Compromised Credentials - If an attacker gains access to a user's cloud credentials, the attacker can have access to the CSP's services to provision additional resources (if credentials allowed access to provisioning), as well as target the organization's assets.

· Insiders Abuse Authorized Access - Insiders, such as staff and administrators for both organizations and CSPs, who abuse their authorized access to the organization's or CSP's networks, systems, and data are uniquely positioned to cause damage or exfiltrate information.

· Insufficient Due Diligence Increases Cybersecurity Risk - Organizations migrating to the cloud often perform insufficient due diligence.

This Rapid assessment evaluates where Cloud applications logic can be optimized by using the Kyndryl’s Well Architected Framework (WAF). Wherever you are in your journey with AWS, Kyndryl can work with you to optimize your cloud landscape.

Workshop Structure: Join Kyndryl for a Rapid Assessment to optimize your applications to run in AWS. In this face-to-face or remote workshop, you’ll co-innovate with us on strategies to transform your cloud applications and to ensure you have a secure, reliable, performant and operationally excellent applications in the AWS.

The assessment is a 60-hour engagement which comprises of the following stages:

a) Kick-off and Understanding

b) Workshop and Analysis

c) Cloud Optimization Recommendations

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