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Ransomware incidents continue to affect far too many organizations – shutting down school districts, disabling emergency communications, forcing hospitals to divert patients, causing untold losses to businesses across the country. About half of organizations pay the ransom, which has rapidly increased in recent years. The average ransom in 2023 was $1.54MM, double the 2022 average of $812K.

This focused assessment evaluates your organization’s readiness in preventing, detecting, and responding to ransomware attacks in the cloud. It deep-dives into cloud-specific controls and their effectiveness against ransomware threats. The assessment identifies gaps and issues in the cloud environment’s security posture and recommends solutions to mitigate or eliminate these risks. The assessment can also help organizations ensure that their data and applications are secure in the cloud and comply with relevant regulations and standards.

The Cloud Ransomware Readiness assessment covers the following areas:

  • Identification: Mapping cloud infrastructure, data assets, and Internet-facing attack surface to prevalent ransomware threat scenarios.
  • Protection: Analyzing your architecture and security configuration of cloud services, encryption practices for sensitive data, and identity and access management (IAM) controls.
  • Detection: Evaluating the effectiveness of logging, monitoring, and anomaly detection tools for early identification of ransomware activity.
  • Response: Reviewing incident response plans, disaster recovery procedures, and communication protocols for their effectiveness in a cloud ransomware scenario.
  • Recovery: Assessing data backup and restoration capabilities, disaster recovery testing procedures, and business continuity plans to ensure rapid and complete recovery from a ransomware attack.

Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive a report with detailed guidance to remediate issues, a tailored roadmap of prioritized risks with opinionated direction and time estimates to resolve and mitigate findings.

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