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Percona Kubernetes Operator for Percona Server for MongoDB

Percona Kubernetes Operator for Percona Server for MongoDB

By: Percona LLC Latest Version: 1.4.0

Product Overview

One of the best features of Percona Server for MongoDB is that it can easily scale to meet your needs. It would be great if there was a way to ensure consistency across all the nodes and even across multiple environments. With Percona Kubernetes Operator for MongoDB, you have that tool. Our Operator is based on the Kubernetes API and enables you to a highly available Percona Server for MongoDB replica set. The primary value of the Operator is that, regardless of where it is used, it creates a Percona Server for MongoDB node that is identical to other Percona Server for MongoDB nodes created with the same Operator. This provides an assured level of stability to easily build appropriate test environments or deploy a repeatable, tested database environment that meets Percona expert recommended best practices, either on-premise or in different cloud providers. Operators enable scalable and repeatable deployments. One of the major benefits of the Percona Kubernetes Operator for MongoDB is that it is based on best practices for configuration of a Percona Server for MongoDB environment. The Operator is easier and faster to deploy, and incorporates best practices for use of Percona Server for MongoDB. Percona Kubernetes Operator for MongoDB delivers a tool that can be customized for use in most any environment. Once configured, the Operator can be used to instantiate new Percona Server for MongoDB nodes quickly, easily, and efficiently. When you want to add a node to an existing replica set or start the building of a new replica set, use the Operator to configure your node(s). The nature of the Kubernetes Operator means that you do not need to make any new decisions; all replica set members are built out the same as each other member created from the same Operator. The ease of deploying a new replica set or scaling an existing set is evident. Since all members are equal, you don't have any concerns about a misconfiguration negatively impacting your entire replica set. The Operator contains everything needed to build out identical members, no matter if they are on premises, in the cloud, or in different cloud environments. Knowing that your configuration is the same, regardless of environment enables hybrid environments and multi-cloud environments. Multi-cloud environments are becoming increasingly popular as a way to minimize the impact of an outage event at a specific provider and a method to avoid vendor lock-in.



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