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Mixtral AI 8x7b Multi Model LLM Bundle with OpenAI API for ARM64

Mixtral AI 8x7b Multi Model LLM Bundle with OpenAI API for ARM64

By: Latest Version: 0.3

Product Overview

This is a repackaged open source software product with optional support from

Mixtral AI 8x7b Multi Model LLM Bundle Includes:

Target Audience: Developer Community

Key Features:

  • Innovative sparse mixture-of-experts architecture

  • 6x faster inference speed compared to Llama 2 70B

  • Capable of handling a context of 32k tokens

  • Multilingual support (English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish)

  • Strong performance in code generation

  • Fine-tuning capability for instruction-following tasks

  • Mixtral Step-by-step Installation Guide:

  • Mixtral Video Guide:

  • For custom projects of your choice with personalized support, contact us on

But what truly sets Mixtral apart is its seamless integration into the AWS ecosystem. We understand that deploying AI models can often be a daunting task. To simplify this process and ensure that even those without deep technical know-how can harness the power of Mixtral, we've developed a specialized AMI product.

Why choose Mixtral AI by Meetrix:
  • OpenAI Compatibility: Our AMI adheres to OpenAI standards, ensuring a seamless experience for users familiar with OpenAI.

  • API Integration: We offer an optimized API for seamless integration, ensuring future readiness and efficient performance.

  • User-Friendly Deployment and Scalability on AWS: Deploying our AMI on AWS is straightforward, allowing for easy scaling of AI operations. Whether you're a startup entering the AI domain or a large enterprise expanding AI capabilities, our AMI offers a hassle-free and scalable solution.

  • Peace of mind at negligible cost:
    Enjoy peace of mind without dev-ops hassle at minimal cost. Deploy and scale your AI operations without financial concerns, making it ideal for startups and enterprises alike.

To sum it up, Meetrix's repackaged AI products aren't just about advanced AI capabilities; it's about making those capabilities accessible, adaptable, and forward-compatible. Dive into the next era of AI with Mixtral AI on AWS.



Operating System

Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 22.04

Delivery Methods

  • CloudFormation Template

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