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When you start, you are on a fast track to build your product, and you need resources. Cloud Is obviously the best solution. Available, Agile & Simple. You can’t wait! Cloud costs expand and suddenly, after a few months, your product is on its way, but your Cloud costs are sky rocking. This pattern is a very known pattern, and it makes sense. You need to focus on your product. This is the first step, you’re doing everything exactly as you should, but managing the cost is painful and demanding.

But what if you could do things a little bit differently? Receive better ability to control your costs and cost allocation to the different products, better visibility on how to price your product and improve pricing of your product by cutting costs down significantly

Gain full control over the resources and receive visibility to everything. Build quick and automated procedures and best practices for overseeing and controlling the whole infrastructure. Use your time properly and effectively by only focusing on significant wins.

Service Ingredients: Training Training will include cost optimization best practices and approach, and basic training for CloudHealth by VMWare or Anodot for Cloud Cost. Saving Recommendations We will proactively provide you with reports to show you potential savings, required actions and tasks, to help you maintain FinOps culture with the stakeholders in your organization. We will focus on optimization and utilization of the following AWS services: EC2 -Instance selection, Geneartion upgrade, Utilization, usage option (On demand, Spot), Scheduling and more. EBS- Disk selection, unattcahed disks, disks utilization, EBS upgrade, Snapshots and more. S3- Sevice type seclection, life cycel definishions, wasit, etc' RDS -Iinstance geneartion, utilization, usage option (On demand, Spot). OpenSearch & ElasticSearch -Instance selection, Geneartion upgrade, Utilization. Private pricing for the followig serices - CloudFront, S3, Data Tranfer Visibility & BI Platform Create dedicated and tailormade reports which are automatically sent to the relevant stakeholders, and present resources & services cost. Commit Services Create a commitment strategy and apply RI and Saving Plans commitment recommendations to reduce short and long terms costs Governance & Monitoring Define life cycle rules and automatic procedures to control costs. Implement Policies, define Budget, set alerts and tags all relevant resources in the environment. Pricing Model KPIs Break your cost into business units so you could understand how costs are connected to the different products in your organization.

The Steps for Healthy FinOps Culture Practice: Cost Visibility: Monthly Invoice, Cost Explorer, BI Platform. Cost Optimization: How can I save? What should I change? Unutilized Resources? Best Practices of cost optimization Cost Reduction: What to do first? Change in Architecture, Which service? Governance & Monitoring: Monitoring tools? Stay on Track. Efficiency: Chargeback? Cost of my services? Pay less for more.

There’s a best practice methodologies and framework on how to create FinOps culture in your organization. In real life, sometimes the organization is already in a very progressed stage of growth. This means the organization is already using many different Cloud services and resources, and there’s already a big team working on the product. This is where everything becomes a little bit more challenging. Challenging but doable.

Looking at the ecosystem of organizations, there are four main stages of growth for a digital native, born in the Cloud organization: Pre-Production, Launch, Expand, Cruise-Control. In each of the stages, the gate, and the approach to FinOps culture will be a little bit different. According to your stage, we will build & tailor the right approach and help you structure the foundations for FinOps culture.

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