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Opti9, an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner and provider of cloud management services, offers this review as a valuable tool for organizations to ensure that their AWS environment is secure and cost-effective. The review is conducted by certified AWS experts who use advanced tools and techniques to analyze the organization's AWS infrastructure and identify potential security risks and cost inefficiencies.

In terms of security, the review includes an assessment of access controls, network security, data encryption, and other critical security measures. The review team will examine security groups, network ACLs, IAM policies, and other security configurations to identify potential vulnerabilities. They will also analyze logs and audit trails to detect any suspicious activity that may indicate a security breach.

Regarding cost optimization, the review will assess the organization's usage of AWS services, including EC2 instances, storage, and data transfer. The review team will identify any unused or underutilized resources that can be eliminated or optimized to reduce costs. They will also look for opportunities to leverage AWS cost optimization tools such as reserved instances, spot instances, and auto-scaling to reduce expenses.

The review report will provide a detailed analysis of the organization's AWS environment, highlighting any potential security risks or cost optimization opportunities. The report will include recommendations for remediation, prioritized by severity, and estimated cost savings.

In summary, Opti9's Complimentary AWS Security and Cost Optimization Review is a valuable service that helps organizations ensure the security and cost-effectiveness of their AWS environment. It provides technical personnel with insights into potential vulnerabilities and opportunities for optimization, allowing them to take proactive steps to address any issues and optimize their AWS environment.

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