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Customer Segmentation The customer segmentation tool enables business analysts to gain targeted insights into their customers. There are many different models for segmentation: demographic, geographic, needs-based, and value-based, to name a few. Depending on the customer data you collect as a company, the Customer Segmentation Tool can identify the best groupings for your success. Within the app, we break it down for you to see what matters most without distraction. Our team of dedicated data scientists will work with you to identify the most optimal groupings for visualization for your business. We can look at this example that uses over 120,000 records from an outdoor apparel store. The first set of groupings are numeric categories, like age, spending score, and annual income. I'd like to see the distribution of age and annual income for our customers so I can select those here, and a scatterplot will appear. A three-dimensional cluster graph displays all the traits combined at once.

Marketing The Marketing Tool is an easy way to efficiently examine and compare characteristics of customers in specific segments. You can select a segment from the dropdown menu and receive a preview of the first 100 customers belonging to the selected group. To see a list of all the customers within that segment, click on the “Segmentation Results” button. The days of sending out generalized, unsuccessful promotions are over. With the Marketing Tool, get customized promotions for each of your segments with the click of a button. When you’re ready to distribute your targeted ad, click on the mailing addresses button for a complete email manifest of the customers within that segment.

Customer Service The last component within the Tool Name is the Customer Service Module. It enables customer service representatives to search for a customer by their ID and retrieve a customer profile. The profile includes specific information about the customer, such as their purchase and call history, as well as insight into the segment they belong to. The more intuitive side of this part of the tool is it also displays an overview of how the customer’s segment earns and spends at their stores. To help you standardize your client relationships, you can add a prompt for the customer service representative to engage the customer with new promotions and discounts targeted towards them.

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