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Denodo Enterprise Plus

By: Denodo Technologies Inc. Latest Version: 8.0.202403060

Product Overview

Denodo Enterprise Plus with genAI capabilities accelerates data access and cloud adoption for all, powered by data virtualization integrates and delivers data from AWS, SaaS and other data sources. It creates a centralized logical data access and management layer that decouples data access from the complexity of the underlying data sources, regardless of where the data resides, to create business-friendly views of all enterprise data. It powers data integration with AI/ML driven automatic recommendation of datasets, infrastructure management and smart query optimization.

Components of this subscription:

  • A single server production instance of the Denodo Server, a.k.a. Virtual Data Port (VDP).
  • The Denodo Solution Manager is available via the BYOL Marketplace listing.
  • A Denodo Server instance for development is available with annual subscriptions only.
  • Denodo Standard Support is included with all the subscriptions, however the annual subscription includes a health check package to help you optimize your implementation of Denodo. Custom packaging and negotiated pricing via Private Offer is the recommended path for the Enterprise users.

Key Features:
  • Integrate, Manage, and Accelerate genAI ready Data Delivery across unlimited data sources in a hybrid cloud environment.
  • Embedded MPP engine based on Presto to optimize data lake querying and performance.
  • Smart Data catalog to query, search and browse your connected data and provide lineage and associations, including new data preparation capabilities.
  • Role-based security (RBAC), Attribute based access control (ABAC), data masking, SSO, SSL encryption, and pass-through support
  • Data delivery options including API web services (SOAP, REST, OData and GraphQL)
  • AI/ML driven automatic recommendation of datasets and infrastructure management

Top Benefits of Denodo Enterprise Plus:
  • Trusted foundation for genAI ready data with unified, secure access point for LLMs
  • Deliver data to the business 90% faster than with traditional data pipelines.
  • Reduce costs by not replicating data, thus providing a lower TCO than other approaches
  • Semantic Powered AI collaboration providing endorsements, warnings and deprecation, improving data governance.
  • AI based performance recommendations reduce the burden on IT infrastructure by optimizing the computation and execution of queries.

Top use cases:
  • Real-time analytics with natural language search and exploration of data from AWS with SaaS and on-premises data
  • Cloud migration and data warehouse modernization
  • Self Service Data Preparation and enrichment enabling Data as a service.
  • Logical Data Warehouse and Single View
  • Centralized Security and Governance



Operating System

Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2

Delivery Methods

  • Amazon Machine Image

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