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LIME & Pandas on Windows 2016 with maintenance support by Apps4Rent

LIME & Pandas on Windows 2016 with maintenance support by Apps4Rent

By: Apps4rent LLC Latest Version: Lime:, Pandas: 2.2.0

Product Overview

What's Included

Note: Always ensure your operating system is current for your needs.

This product includes both of the software packages described below:

LIME & Pandas on Windows 2016 with maintenance support by Apps4Rent

This is a repackaged open-source software product wherein additional charges apply for technical support and maintenance by Apps4Rent.

LIME, which stands for Local Interpretable Model-Agnostic Explanations, is a technique used in machine learning to explain the predictions of any classifier model. It is particularly useful for understanding the logic behind complex models that are often referred to as black boxes. For humans to trust AI systems, it is essential for models to be explainable to users. AI interpretability reveals what is happening within these systems and helps identify potential issues such as information leakage, model bias, robustness, and causality. LIME offers a generic framework to uncover black boxes and provides the why behind AI-generated predictions or recommendations.

Pandas is a fast, powerful, flexible, and easy to use open-source data analysis and manipulation tool,
built on top of the Python programming language. It is a Python package that offers various data structures and operations for manipulating numerical data and time series. It is mainly used for importing and analyzing data much easier. Pandas is fast and it has high-performance & productivity for users.

Disclaimer: The respective trademarks mentioned in the offering are owned by the respective companies. We do not provide the commercial license of any of these products. Many of the products have a free, demo or Open-Source license as applicable. Image may take up to 5-7 minutes for initial launch.

Amazon EC2 running Microsoft Windows Server is a fast and dependable environment for deploying applications using the Microsoft Web Platform. Amazon EC2 enables you to run any compatible Windows-based solution on AWS' high-performance, reliable, cost-effective, cloud computing platform. Common Windows use cases include Enterprise Windows-based application hosting, website and web-service hosting, data processing, media transcoding, distributed testing, ASP.NET application hosting, and any other application requiring Windows software.


Lime:, Pandas: 2.2.0


Operating System

Windows, Windows Server 2016 Base 2016

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  • Amazon Machine Image

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