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Migrate your virtual machine workloads to Kubernetes containers with opsZero's VMWare to EKS Migration service. As VMware licensing costs rise following its acquisition by Broadcom, moving to an open-source container orchestration system like Kubernetes offers significant cost savings and operational efficiencies. Our migration process uses Infrastructure as Code (IaC) built on Terraform to deploy secure, compliant Kubernetes/EKS environments, meeting SOC 2, HIPAA, PCI, and CIS benchmarks. Additionally, we provide CI/CD pipelines to streamline your development and deployment processes, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition to a more agile, scalable, and cost-effective infrastructure.

By migrating to AWS EKS, you gain numerous benefits, including lower costs, enhanced efficiency, and greater scalability. Containers are lightweight, start quickly, and share the OS kernel, allowing for more applications to run on the same hardware compared to traditional VMs. This migration also supports a microservices architecture, enabling each application component to be developed, scaled, and maintained independently. With robust tooling from Docker and Kubernetes, your organization can automate deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications effectively.

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opsZero offers comprehensive support tailored to your needs, working directly with your engineering team via Slack or Teams and integrating with any project management platform. We provide flexible support plans, including business hours or 24/7 coverage. Our managed services include integration of observability and alerting tools like DataDog and PagerDuty to prevent incidents, along with performing necessary patches and updates to ensure your infrastructure always uses the latest, most secure versions. For support inquiries or to discuss your needs, contact our support team via email at