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IaC Automated ECS Fargate Container Stack with Pre-built Jenkins CI/CD.

IaC Automated ECS Fargate Container Stack with Pre-built Jenkins CI/CD.

By: Yobitel Latest Version: v2.2.03

Product Overview

ECS Fargate with Pre-built Jenkins CI/CD pipeline provides solutions to teams of all sizes and enables them to deploy their containerized application through IaC Cloudformation. It simplifies the process by abstracting away the underlying infrastructure complexities, allowing users to focus on building and delivering your applications. With just a few clicks, users can deploy a scalable, containerized environment without the need to manage servers. Applications are deployed with the least privilege access and provide valuable insights into resource utilization, container performance, and overall application health using cloudwatch. An EFS file system to the ECS Fargate tasks is attached and enables shared storage for provisioned containers. In addition, Jenkins CI/CD pipeline for the continuous deployment of the application with pre-built testing tools like Sonarqube and OWASP security testing are included. The stack simplifies workflow, improves scalability, and deploy applications instantly without coding or configuring infrastructure.
With Yobitel as your trusted partner, we allow users to focus on driving innovation and achieving business goals, enjoy the expert guidance and continuous operation support from us for modifying or redeveloping the scalable stacks based on future requirements.

Key Deliverables:
Access the pre-deployed infrastructure as code (IaC) based CloudFormation stack for automated containerized application deployment on AWS ECS Fargate, Get started quickly without the need for extensive setup or configuration.
Advanced security features integrated into the stack, including pre-configured VPC setup, security groups, and IAM roles ensuring containerized application remains secure and protected against potential threats.
Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) and RDS Aurora v2 for MySQL is integrated with the containerized stack to enable shared file storage, database, allowing for efficient data access and management across distributed workloads.
A fully auto-deployed and configured Jenkins CI/CD pipeline with multiple plugins, stacked for continuous delivery of containerized application to automate the build, test, and deployment processes to streamline software delivery, ensure consistent and reliable releases as docker images in ECR repository.
Integration of AWS CloudWatch, CloudTrail for monitoring performance metrics, collect logs, and set up alarms to gain real-time insights and effectively manage application's health.
Automated scaling capabilities built into the stack and dynamically adjust resource allocation based on demand, for scaling variable applicaiton workloads and AWS Load Balancer for load distribution across multiple instances.
The ECS Fargate stack is designed with high availability and fault tolerance in mind. Benefit from the built-in resilience features that keep application running even in the face of failures, ensuring uninterrupted service.

Prime Service Highlights:
Real-time support from AWS-certified engineers, IaC CloudFormation and DevOps Experts
Continuous learning on scalable infrastructure and improvement opportunities for businesses growth
Personalized support tailored to the unique needs of each client with value-added solution integration
SLA Coverage and premium support with a dedicated Technical Account Manager





Operating System

Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 22.04.1

Delivery Methods

  • CloudFormation Template

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