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Protecting the Public School system and the children that they support from attack or disruption is a critical and required service in the world today. Quick actioning, response times and strategies to support these environments is the first step to enhancing school safety.

NTT DATA’s Smart School Safety Solution delivers a proactive, early warning response to increase school safety. Our flexible solution is designed to meet you where you are on your journey to student safety. Leverage your existing devices or invest in the latest technologies. Using NTT DATA’s proven public safety platform known as Smart, we use Artificial Intelligence and IoT edge analytics to create a safer education environment. High-definition video cameras and an array of IoT devices are integrated and deployed to monitor a school or campus, creating a technology-enabled, multi-channel safe zone for students. The solution, in turn, provides situational awareness, warnings and alerts of developing incidents to school security or first response teams. Our Smart School Safety Solution proactively provides early notification of potential and active school safety incidents.

Both inside and outside the school, a network of connected IoT devices join forces to protect students. Outdoor cameras provide a complete view of the external school environment. Cameras with analytics can detect weapons, identify suspicious activity, read license plates of unidentified vehicles, and send automated responses to school safety officers or first responders as warranted. Sensors further enhance protection by sending a campus-wide alert or automated response if a threat is detected. To prevent unwarranted entry into a school building, sensors monitor exterior doors during school hours and send automated system responses should someone enter or exit the building at an unexpected time of day. Our Smart School Safety Solution can work within existing infrastructures and can also be expanded to include additional safety technologies.

Our solution encompasses different AWS products, including EBS (Elastic Block Store), WAF (Web Application Firewall), EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) and an API Gateway service to connect to third party systems. This solution is hosted in a Virtual Private Cloud instance on AWS, and can be used across availability zones.

Our Smart School Safety Solution includes additional protection mechanisms inside the school. Access is limited with door locks, visitor management and extensive staff and student badge requirements. Indoor cameras and other IoT devices reinforce stringent monitoring and detect anomalies inside the building. Panic buttons empower personnel and students to swiftly identify when help is needed. Panic buttons can be stationary, a mobile app or in the form of an ID badge worn by users.

Our Smart School Safety Solution suite includes optional social media monitoring and anonymous reporting to provide proactive threat intelligence to aid in the protection of our children and schools. Our solution functions as an early warning, helping educators detect concerning social media conversations which will help facilitate actionable prevention.

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