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We optimize your expenditures on Oracle, SAP, IBM, and Microsoft software. Our services:

Nowadays enterprises can no longer rely on themselves to do the audit to be compliant in terms of correspondence of licenses bought and really used due to large number of server instances, distributed in the corporate networks, large number of users and different types of applications. Yes, it is possible to collect and examine data, however, it's error prone, requires significant efforts and difficult to interpret. Also, license optimization can save a lot of costs on support (e.g. Oracle Support and SAP Support requires 22% from licenses), but requires work to do to take into consideration contract details and features of engerprise software vendors license policies, choose correct license metrics, distribute licenses between servers and subsidiaries and create recommendations for costs optimization.

We act as your licensing advocate and help you to choose the right strategy in the negotiations with the Vendor which let you to minimize your risks; to reduce your expenditures down to the minimum necessary; to negotiate with Vendor in the most comfortable manner. We thoroughly check your hardware configuration and all licensed software installed and/or used, as well as the licenses possessed by your company exactly in accordance with Vendor's methodologies. In the end we prepare a report with recommendations on reduction of your expenses on your software licenses. Our services are highly confidential. We take your business secrecy very seriously.

We can make an example, Oracle software is very expensive one, and Oracle licensing policies are very tangled, many of them don’t even published, but, nevertheless, they are mandatory. Many companies on the market position themselves as software licensing consultants. Only few of them are dare to say that they may help you to cope with Oracle licensing. But only a few companies, including ours, has unique expertise in this field which let us to say that we know how Oracle thinks and acts and to make it act and think in a different way. In different regions Oracle chooses country-specific business development strategy, which may substantially differ in other countries. There are several on the market which can pride themselves in the possession of ex-LMS employees on their staff. If you approach to our company, you will not only get a guarantee that you will hold exactly the same information which Oracle would have in case of LMS audit, but you will also make use of many our creative ideas on how to exploit Oracle policies for your benefit.

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