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CodeBlock On Windows Server 2016-24x7 Supported by Cognosys

CodeBlock On Windows Server 2016-24x7 Supported by Cognosys

By: Cognosys Inc Hardened Images Latest Version: V20.9.1005

This version has been removed and is no longer available to new customers.

Product Overview

What's Included

Note: Always ensure your operating system is current for your needs.

This product includes both of the software packages described below:

CodeBlock On Windows Server 2016-24x7 Supported by Cognosys

This is a repackaged software product wherein additional charges apply for hardening, bundling and support.

CodeBlock is the ultimate solution for developers working on Windows server 2016 and AWS. It offers a comprehensive set of tools and features that enhance productivity and code quality.

With CodeBlock, you can easily navigate through your codebase, making use of powerful search and navigation functionalities. The intelligent code completion feature suggests code snippets, reducing the time spent on typing repetitive code. CodeBlock also supports version control systems, allowing you to manage your codebase efficiently.

One of the highlights of CodeBlock is its extensive library of plugins and extensions. These plugins provide additional functionality and can be customized to suit your specific needs. Whether you need to integrate with popular frameworks or enhance your debugging capabilities, CodeBlock has you covered.

CodeBlock seamlessly integrates with AWS, enabling you to develop and deploy applications in the cloud effortlessly. With its cloud-based collaboration features, multiple developers can work on the same project simultaneously, ensuring efficient teamwork and faster development cycles.


  • Efficient code navigation
  • Extensive plugin library

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Amazon EC2 running Microsoft Windows Server is a fast and dependable environment for deploying applications using the Microsoft Web Platform. Amazon EC2 enables you to run any compatible Windows-based solution on AWS' high-performance, reliable, cost-effective, cloud computing platform. Common Windows use cases include Enterprise Windows-based application hosting, website and web-service hosting, data processing, media transcoding, distributed testing, ASP.NET application hosting, and any other application requiring Windows software.



Operating System

Windows, Windows Server 2016 Base 2016

Delivery Methods

  • Amazon Machine Image

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