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Moving to the cloud requires a significant investment of time, effort, and resources. Benefit upfront as you plan your migration from the unparalleled insights Pepperdata provides. Then, lock in the optimal instance price performance and cluster utilization for your soon-to-be cloud-based workloads.

  • Visualize your most expensive queues and users.
  • Understand the optimal AWS instance types for your unique workloads.
  • Benchmark your environment against others optimized by Pepperdata in terms of both waste and savings.
  • Realize post-migration savings up to 47% with no manual intervention.

What to Expect from Pepperdata's FREE Peak Performance Cloud Migration Assessment You'll first install and set up Pepperdata on your on-premises or cloud environment. Pepperdata analyzes the unique CPU and memory requirements of your workloads to determine baseline and burst characteristics. Pepperdata then calculates the storage requirements for your new cloud environment based on the capacity of your existing clusters.

You will receive a FREE customized Big Data Cloud Migration Assessment that provides you with:

  • Rightsized AWS instance type recommendations based on the unique performance profiles of your workloads
  • Optimized Amazon EMR and Amazon EKS autoscaling parameters
  • Forecasted instance hours for your new cloud environment and the corresponding monthly and annual cost
  • Estimated savings from running Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer in your new cloud environment

The FREE Peak Performance Cloud Migration Assessment is compatible with all YARN-based workloads as well as Spark, PyTorch, and other long-running and microservices workloads on Kubernetes.

Three Easy Steps to a Successful Peak Performance Cloud Migration Assessment

  • Step 1: Install Pepperdata on your clusters to profile your workloads: ~60 minutes
  • Step 2: Run Pepperdata: ~2 weeks
  • Step 3: Review your customized cloud migration report: ~60 minutes

Post Migration, Automatically Reduce Costs by up to 47%

Once you've migrated your workloads to your new cloud environment, Pepperdata's Capacity Optimizer allows you to reduce costs further.  Working autonomously and continuously in the background, Capacity Optimizer uses machine learning to eliminate the impossible task of manual tuning, freeing your developers to focus on production and innovation. Capacity Optimizer ensures that all nodes are fully utilized before additional nodes are created and directs the native autoscaler to downscale as instance utilization decreases. Capacity Optimizer reclaims unused resources and automatically makes autoscaling more efficient. The net effect is that scaling is autonomously optimized and waste is minimized, enabling you to cut costs by up to 47% without sacrificing workload speed and without application code changes.

Pepperdata is the only solution that fully optimizes resource usage on Amazon EMR and Amazon EKS. Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer empowers you to relax in the knowledge that you’re doing everything possible to minimize waste and maximize efficiency and cost savings in your new cloud environment.

Pepperdata: Your Trusted Migration Partner

Pepperdata has experience working with numerous Fortune 500 enterprises in migrating and modernizing their environments to Amazon EMR and Amazon EKS. Pepperdata operates natively in both Hadoop on premises as well as in Spark on Amazon EKS, Amazon EMR on EC2, Amazon EMR on EKS, and Amazon EKS.

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Pricing Information

This service is priced based on the scope of your request. Please contact seller for pricing details.


When you try Pepperdata Cloud Migration Assessment for up to two weeks, it includes a Pepperdata license and up to 20 hours of professional services, as well as technical support made on a best-effort response basis. When you license Pepperdata software by purchasing Pepperdata Cloud Optimization Subscription, it includes full technical support with guaranteed response times. Access Pepperdata Technical Support at If prompted to log in, use the same credentials that you use to log in to the Pepperdata dashboard.