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Ddosify: Effortless Kubernetes Monitoring and Performance Testing

Ddosify: Effortless Kubernetes Monitoring and Performance Testing

By: Ddosify Inc. Latest Version: 0.2.0-8bb3698

Product Overview

Ddosify is a platform that combines effortless Kubernetes Monitoring and Performance Testing to provide seamless observability of your K8S infrastructure.

Key Features for Kubernetes Monitoring & Observability:
1- Alaz, Ddosify eBPF Agent: Our advanced eBPF agent, Alaz, has been designed to be installed on your K8S cluster as a DaemonSet. With eBPF technology, Alaz can directly collect network traffic from Linux kernels, eliminating the need for sidecars, code instrumentations, or service restarts. For more:

2- Real-time Metrics: Ddosify tracks and displays live data on your CPU, memory, disk, and network usage of your cluster instances. All the dashboards are generated out of the box, and you can create alerts based on these metrics' values.

3- Auto-Generated Service Map: Ddosify automatically generates a Service Map of your K8s cluster, helping you pinpoint bottlenecks without code instrumentation or sidecars like slow SQL queries or high latencies between services.

4- Distributed Tracing: Ddosify captures Traces and Spans out-of-the-box on your Kubernetes Cluster without modifying your code or restarting your services. Ddosify uses a lightweight eBPF Agent (Alaz) to generate Distributed Tracing data and enable auto context propagation.

5- Alerts: Ddosify monitors your Kubernetes cluster with different rules and sends alerts when necessary. For example, it can send an alert when a node's CPU usage is too high or low Disk space via E-mail, Slack, Opsgenie or Webhook.

Key Features for Performance Testing:
1- High-performance Load Generation: With Ddosify, you can simulate realistic application traffic scenarios thanks to the open-source Ddosify Engine ( This feature allows you to stress-test your system under high load, helping identify bottlenecks and ensure your services can handle peak usage times.

2- Test Scenario Creation: Ddosify enables users to create no-code, customized testing scenarios that mimic user behavior, allowing for more accurate assessments of system performance and better-informed strategies for improvement.

3- Assertion, Correlation, Test Data, Debugging: Ddosify provides you with a wide range of features for testing, verifying, and manipulating data. The assertion feature helps validate the responses, while correlation enables variable extraction. Additionally, you can import test data in CSV format and use the columns in your scenario simulation. With Ddosify's powerful debugging feature, you can quickly test the scenario before beginning the performance test.

4- Distributed Load: Ddosify offers a distributed load testing feature that allows you to expand your tests across multiple machines. This enables you to accurately test your application's behavior under varying loads. With Ddosify, you can ensure that your services remain reliable and responsive, even under different traffic conditions. You can also spin up EC2 instances in any AWS region and connect them as load engines to the Ddosify Platform.

5- No-code UI: Even without any coding knowledge, Ddosify's web-based UI makes it easy to set up and run complex performance tests. It simplifies the process of defining test parameters and enables users of all skill levels to conduct comprehensive performance testing.

6- Insightful Test Reports: Ddosify generates detailed reports with intuitive charts, providing deep insights into application performance out-of-the-box. Reports helps you identifying areas for improvement and ensuring user expectations are met.

7- Postman Import: Streamline your workflow by importing your Postman collections directly into Ddosify. This feature allows for easy transfer of API endpoints, saving time and ensuring consistency between your API testing and performance testing environments.

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