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Join Slalom for a buzzword-free workshop that will provide you with the knowledge to understand Generative AI, Large Language Models (LLMs), and how AWS GenAI technologies can unlock real business value.

We help our customers understand the value of GenAI through a holistic approach encompassing strategy, technology and transformation. Realizing value from Generative AI initiatives requires an orchestrated approach across people, technology, process and business stakeholders.

Slalom's GenAI Workshop takes our customers through:

  • Strategic Opportunity/Problem Definition
  • Identify strategic domains and opportunities
  • Initiative prioritization
  • Challenger exercise
  • Build conceptual organizational and technical foundation
  • Define MVP plan


  • Text generation: Create new pieces of original content, such as short stories, essays, social media posts, and web page copy.

  • Chatbots: Build conversational interfaces such as chatbots and virtual assistants to enhance the user experience for your customers.

  • Search: Search, find, and synthesize information to answer questions from a large corpus of data.

  • Text summarization: Get a summary of textual content such as articles, blog posts, books, and documents, to get the gist without having to read the full content.

  • Image generation: Create realistic and artistic images of various subjects, environments, and scenes from language prompts.

  • Image classification: Automatically classify images and create captions embodying your organization’s unique voice and style.


  • New insights and ideas for GenAI transformation
  • Identified and prioritized initial opportunities to implement Generative AI
  • Identifed barriers to success and mitigation actions
  • Alignment on organizational and technology imperatives
  • Determined action plans and next steps for MVP development
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