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Application Insight for RPG

Application Insight for RPG

By: AveriSource Latest Version: 1.0

This version has been removed and is no longer available to new customers.

Product Overview

AveriSource Application Insight for RPG, a value-added assessment tool, automatically documents essential statistics and important characteristics of legacy applications programmed in RPG.

Legacy applications are often poorly documented, having passed through countless systems teams and development hands across years or decades. Furthermore, the complexity and interconnectedness of these legacy systems are frequently underestimated.

These conditions often make it difficult to accurately scope, budget, and plan for sustaining and modernization of legacy applications.

Often, these challenges present themselves too late in the project or budgeting process resulting in:

  • Organizational risk due to attrition and not identifying hard to staff legacy skill sets
  • Failed or stalled modernization initiatives resulting from missed or incomplete requirements
  • Missed deadlines and unplanned expenses due to scope creep and re-work

Application Insight provides a fast and accurate way to mitigate and manage these risks by documenting essential statistics, identifying missing and unreferenced data sources, and providing comparative analysis of code quality and complexity.

What it does:
  • Captures and documents important statistics about the application including size, technology mix, and data sources
  • Assesses and documents the completeness of the application domain by identifying files that may be missing or exist and are unreferenced in the code
  • Analyzes and documents code comment ratios utilizing benchmarks against best practices as a predictor of how well the functionality of an application has been documented
  • Identifies and documents indicators of code complexity through comparative keyword analysis

Common use cases:
  • AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP)
  • Application take-overs
  • Application re-learn/documentation
  • Scoping or responding to RFIs/RFPs
  • Risk assessments associated relating to hard to staff or specialized skill set requirements
  • Asset management and lifecycle planning of legacy system technologies
  • Scoping, planning, or budgeting a modernization initiative

Unique value and differentiation:
  • Fully automated
  • Faster and more accurate than manual approaches
  • Broader in scope and capabilities than other pre-parsing tools
  • Designed to add measurable and immediate value to your job or project



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