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Using traditional dependence solely on local on-site resources, health care facilities have struggled with the challenge of meeting variable patient demand with a fixed number of staff for unscheduled care processes. Day to day patient arrivals can vary by as much as 50% from the expected mean. Some days facilities are under-staffed and patient care suffers; other days are over-staffed resulting in excess costs. This systematic stress is exacerbated by the increased exposure risk for staff and patients as they interact face-to-face for tasks that can otherwise be performed faster and more efficiently by remote personnel. A mechanism to improve efficiency and productivity is clearly needed.

The Solution: EmOpti's Emergency Medicine Workflow Solution is a software platform designed to help your providers optimize emergency department and urgent care workflows for many use cases, enabling a combination of on-site and virtual resources to collaborate and improve patient outcomes while also improving staff productivity. The Solution was designed from the beginning to take advantage of multiple AWS infrastructure components, from the CHIME service to manage video sessions to Sagemaker to enable automation based on machine learning, to deliver super-fast provider workflows with unique virtual consult routing and queue management.

Imagine a world where every patient care area has an intelligent video "portal" used for multiple purposes. The EmOpti Emergency Medicine Workflow Solution supports multiple ED use cases, all improving efficiency and productivity while delivering improved patient outcomes. These use cases include:

  • Tele-triage
  • Rapid discharge
  • Virtual rounding
  • Virtual registration
  • Automated discharge teaching
  • Social services virtual consults
  • Specialist virtual consults
  • Hospitalist integration
  • Language interpretation
  • Academic teaching

The speed and usability of the Solution has proven effective in intense, high volume environments, where the system is used on virtually every patient hundreds of time each day as part of routine operations. In many cases the number of consults provided per hour by a remote provider is virtually double the number seen when the same process occurs using in-person staff. And when the remote provider services multiple facilities simultaneously further improvement in productivity occurs through a load-leveling effect that better matches resources to fluctuating demand.

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