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Fortra will configure AWS security services to help improve your security posture and reduce the risk of security incidents and data breaches. By enabling and configuring services such as Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Config (to use Security Hub), AWS Security Hub, AWS Shield Advanced, and KMS encryption for EBS and S3 buckets, you can achieve increased visibility and monitoring of your AWS environment, as well as increased compliance with industry standards and regulations.

AWS GuardDuty Training (2 hours): Review GuardDuty overview, priority findings, Archiving and Suppression, Reducing Noise, Export Findings and Filtering, Quotas, Limitations and Cost. Enable and Walk-thru sample findings, and Malware scans

Health Check (4 hours): Review findings on at least two of the following services: S3, RDS, EC2, Lambda

AWS KMS Training (2 hours): KMS overview, basics of Encryption, including creating and managing Customer Managed Keys (CMKs) and AWS KMS

Health Check (2 hours): Implementing KMS CMK key policies, IAM policies, and other access controls in each customer environment for at least 2 of the following Services: RDS, EBS, S3, or DynamoDB.

AWS Security Hub Training (2 hours) – Training on how to implement Security Hub across your organization and set up a centralized Security Hub with consolidated findings. Enabling Security standards checks to improve your security posture, and integrating findings from other AWS services.

Security Hub Workshop (3 hours): Create insights and custom findings. Remediation and response, Find Enrichment and Integration.

AWS Shield Advanced Training (1 hours): Training and walk through AWS Shield Advanced benefits and features

Health Check (4 hours): Review, configure, and test Web Access Control list (web ACL) for automatic DDoS mitigation of at least two of the following services: Amazon Route 53, Amazon CloudFront, AWS Application Load Balancer AWS Network Load Balancer, AWS Global Accelerator, Amazon API Gateway REST API.

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