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By: Latest Version: s3ftp-v1.2.2-cumulonimbus-bf8c9d3.

This version has been removed and is no longer available to new customers.

Product Overview

Features include:

  • Industry standard sftp service
  • Supports multiple encryption ciphers in-transit including AES-128, AES-256, RSA, etc...
  • Data encryption at rest with AWS KMS
  • Highly available static IP addresses for third-party whitelisting
  • Easy to use web admin interface
  • Customisable folder permissions
  • Flexibility allowing for a single shared S3 bucket or bucket per user
  • Customisable user authentication with password, ssh-key or both

How it works:
S3FTP acts as a reverse proxy to one or more configured S3 buckets. Files are transferred using OpenSSH and data is streamed in-memory directly to and from S3. This eliminates the need for any intermediary file system synchronization resulting in full coast-to-coast encryption whilst in-transit and at rest. Amazon's Elastic File System is used to provide persistence and ensure that configuration is never lost should a server fail. Transferred data is streamed in-memory and never written to the EFS volume so data loss due to server failure is never a risk.



Operating System

Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2022.04.19

Delivery Methods

  • CloudFormation Template
  • Amazon Machine Image

Pricing Information

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