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Powered by AWS Infrasturcture and the Industry business expertise of Delta Bravo, the AI copilots below are designed to increase speed to value and reduce the struggles associated with deriving business value from your data.

Golden Batch AI Copilot for Quality

Optimize your production quality with our Golden Batch AI Copilot. By analyzing complex datasets, we reveal the critical factors that differentiate your top-performing batches from the rest. Our system provides real-time, actionable insights to your operators, ensuring the highest quality outcomes with every batch.

Machine Reliability AI Copilot

Prevent downtime before it occurs with predictive insights from our Machine Reliability AI Copilot. Our advanced models forecast potential performance issues, empowering your team with proactive maintenance strategies and real-time corrective actions, minimizing disruptions and maximizing machine uptime.

Facility and Energy AI Copilot

Enhance operational efficiency and sustainability with our Facility and Energy AI Copilot. By integrating building management systems (BMS) data, weather forecasts, and other relevant inputs, our solution offers predictive analysis to optimize energy consumption, reducing costs and carbon footprint.

Demand Forecasting Copilot

Stay ahead of market demands with our Demand Forecasting Copilot. This solution blends historical data, production capacity, and external variables like weather to provide precise demand forecasts. Integrated seamlessly with your System of Record, it reduces risk and positions your business for success in dynamic market conditions.

Inventory Optimization Copilot

Maximize inventory efficiency with our Inventory Optimization Copilot. Through advanced forecasting of inventory movement, our solution enables strategic stocking decisions, freeing up capital, minimizing stockouts, and accelerating inventory turnover.

Production Scheduling Copilot

Simplify your production planning with the Production Scheduling Copilot. Our tool streamlines the complexity of daily scheduling, ensuring optimal production flow with the right parts, in the right place, at the right time, enhancing overall operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Our AI Copilots?

  • Industry-Specific Expertise: Tailored solutions for the manufacturing and automotive sectors, ensuring relevance and impact.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Leverage your customers existing data investments to unlock actionable intelligence across operations.
  • Operational Excellence: Drive improvements in quality, reliability, and efficiency, directly contributing to enhanced margins.
  • Strategic Integration: Seamlessly integrates with existing systems, enhancing decision-making without disrupting workflows.
  • Future-Ready: Built on the robust AWS ecosystem, ensuring scalability, security, and innovation at the forefront of your operations.

Transform your manufacturing or auto industry enterprise into a smarter, more efficient, and resilient business with our AI Copilot solutions. Let's set the new standard for operational excellence together.

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