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Starburst Enterprise Presto with Caching

Starburst Enterprise Presto with Caching

By: Starburst Latest Version: Presto Enterprise 312e with Caching

This version has been removed and is no longer available to new customers.

Product Overview

Presto is a fast and scalable open source SQL query engine. Architected for the separation of storage and compute, Presto is perfect for querying data in S3, Hadoop, relational databases (MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL), Redshift, Cassandra, MongoDB, Kafka and many others! This offering is maintained by Starburst Data, leading contributors to Presto.

Using this CloudFormation Template and the Presto AMI, one can easily create a Presto cluster to query data wherever data resides. The CloudFormation Template allows a user to elastically increase or decrease the cluster size to meet performance and cost demands of running analytics using Presto.

Alluxio is Data Orchestration for the cloud and enables speeding Presto by caching data and also enables hybrid cloud environments when data is remote. Alluxio moves data closer to compute from where it is stored across zones, regions or countries, creating better data locality and accessibility. Data orchestration is to data like container orchestration is to containers.

The AMI includes Presto along with Alluxio, Starburst's Cost Based Optimizer, and Apache Superset... To learn more about Presto on AWS Marketplace, visit To learn more about Alluxio, visit

Starburst provides support for both Starburst and Alluxio. Contact us at
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Presto Enterprise 312e with Caching

Operating System

Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux Amazon Linux 2

Delivery Methods

  • CloudFormation Template
  • Amazon Machine Image

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