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Electricity, gas, and water Network Operators face crucial challenges in managing metering processes efficiently. Sense Reply provides a comprehensive set of skills, accelerators, and expertise to address these challenges. The core objectives are to:

  • Improve Data Accuracy and Timeliness: Enhance observability of metering assets for precise and timely data acquisition; assuring data’s accuracy, consistency, and integrity;
  • Optimize Meter Data Management: Streamline processes to reduce operational costs and improve overall service quality;
  • Ensure Cybersecurity in Data Handling: Address challenges associated with the digitalization of metering processes and ensure data security.

New generation of smart meters deployed in metering infrastructure play a pivotal role:

  • High-Frequency Data Measurement: Smart meters enable the collection of data at high frequency, ensuring accuracy;
  • Secure Data Transmission: Data is transmitted securely to the central system, addressing cybersecurity concerns;
  • Remote Command Execution: Smart meters allow for remote execution of commands, improving operational flexibility.

Sense Reply's Metering Solutions, embodied in Reply IoT Platform Accelerator (RIPA), provide Network Operators with a robust framework to revolutionize meter data acquisition and management. By incorporating IoT, Edge Computing, and AWS services, our solutions ensure accuracy, efficiency, and security in metering processes, aligning with the demands of the dynamic energy landscape.

We provide an IoT Platform Project Accelerator (RIPA) which allows Network Operators to drastically reduce time and costs for the delivery of metering systems. RIPA capabilities:

  • Real-Time Data Collection: Gather meter data in real-time, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information;
  • Meter Data Security: Implement secure onboarding and management of metering devices at scale;
  • Remote Meter Control: Execute commands remotely for efficient metering device management;
  • Cost-Effective Operations: Adopt a serverless approach and leverage the DevOps Suite to reduce operational expenditure.

Configurable Business Logics for Metering:

  • Automated Meter Reading (AMR): Implement automated processes for meter reading, reducing manual efforts;
  • Meter Data Analytics: Analyse metering data in real-time to derive valuable insights;
  • Meter Anomaly Detection: Implement algorithms for detecting anomalies in meter data;
  • Meter Data Management: collection of data both from smart meters and AMI/AMR systems at high frequency, data goes through a configurable VEE (Validation, Estimation, Editing) process that allows data cleansing before saving in the data-lake, event management, preparing data to further usage such as, for example, area balance, billing, work force management control, network optimization.

The Accelerator provides a modular, extensible, and virtualizable platform that utilizes AWS services such as IoT Core, Lambda, S3, CloudWatch services. These services can scale according to customer needs, the complexity of the enterprise solution and the expected scalability and performance requirements. Benefits achieved with our customers include:

  • Fast implementation phase;
  • Leading edge solution (IoT Gateway for device connectivity);
  • Wide set of best practices and integration protocols;
  • No limits/constraints to customization and personalization;
  • Fast implementation of additional features and services;
  • Efficient maintenance thanks to common features and AWS managed services.
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