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By: C-Phrase Technologies Latest Version: Catch-Phrase-1.0.1201

Product Overview

C-Phrase is a front-end for natural language search and updates of SQL-based databases. So instead of writing SQL or filling out forms, users just type in (or click build) their questions and updates in plain English. C-Phrase is the only natural language interface system on the market that lets users both search and update databases. To make this dependable, C-Phrase always paraphrases interpretations back to users for confirmation. This gives users complete control over what SQL gets applied.

C-Phrase's update capability makes it particularly suited to tasks in data curation. Many companies must manually fix data in complex SQL databases to deliver high quality products and services. Often this is a painstaking process involving standardization of data values, removal of outliers and one-off corrections. C-Phrase gives users the ability to explore and correct data via natural language questions and commands. This results in the rapid creation of scripts of SQL statements that can integrate into data deployment pipelines.

On the search side, C-Phrase promotes data democratization. Users 'google' the databases using precise, often complex conditions. Results are specific values, lists, tables or charts. Users can export these results to CSV files in a single click to easily import results into other tools. The ability to define template questions, extended lexicons and reports lets administrators quickly set up interfaces that empower even the most non-technical users.

Whether being used for data curation or data democratization, C-Phrase reduces or eliminates the cost of building complex dashboards and data entry screens. Sure one could build many custom dashboards and search screens, but finding the right one is tedious and frustrating. With C-Phrase users can ask a series of unanticipated questions over various levels of granularity to tease out subtle trends in the data. Busy DBAs would prefer to give users self-service rather than constantly be bothered to write special dashboards, data entry screens or custom SQL.

The ultimate benefit of C-Phrase is that it enables organizations to define and manage much more sophisticated data models. Traditional methods to implement conceptually complex databases require high levels of expertise and effort to build front ends. C-Phrase enables organizations to radically cut the costs associated with such efforts. The end result is more time to build accurate and nuanced models of what's important.

Please consider launching a free trial of C-Phrase today. Each new release of C-Phrase delivers additional template example interfaces and databases. Launching C-Phrase will give you immediate access to these examples which you may be able to adapt to your own requirements. If you do decide to deploy C-Phrase, remember that the number of users and interfaces per server is limited only by the performance of the EC2 you launch. It is quite likely all your needs will be met with a single running server on a micro or small EC2. Compared to the alternatives, this is a very attractive price.



Operating System

Linux/Unix, Debian 11

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  • Amazon Machine Image

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