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HARMAN's LLM Professional Service empowers organizations with deep domain insights tailored to their specific industries. For example, our HealthGPT solution is a powerful, private LLM fine-tuned on healthcare-specific datasets, such as clinical trial data and medical records. Our professional services capture industry-specific vocabulary, terminology, and concepts while building the LLM models based on the principles of Responsible AI as well as preserving the privacy and security of sensitive data.

Our LLM Services leverage HARMAN's proprietary LLM fine-tuning framework and methodology to drive organizational success in building domain-specific LLMs. By overcoming challenges such as data availability, quality, privacy, security, and model performance, we ensure a responsible approach to private LLM development, considering technical, ethical, and social aspects.

With HARMAN's domain-specific LLM services, organizations can leverage a range of tailored solutions to augment tasks such as information extraction, document classification, question answering, and natural language generation. Our services include

  • End-to-end LLM fine-tuning
  • Robust data generation
  • Automated LLM evaluation, and
  • Efficient cost optimization.

The end-to-end LLM fine-tuning process provides organizations with unmatched natural language understanding, automation, and insights.

By optimizing performance on industry-specific tasks, our customized LLMs enable researchers and practitioners to better understand language and context compared to general-purpose LLMs, ultimately driving innovation and success across various industries.

The HARMAN LLM Studio framework has been built on AWS cloud leveraging its machine learning services including Sagemaker and Sagemaker Jumpstart. The fine-tuning pipeline uses Jumpstart to train the model on custom data while the model is then deployed using Sagemaker endpoints taking advantage of its ability to scale for inferencing.

Through comprehensive assessments, workshops, and collaboration with client stakeholders, our team of AI experts, SMEs, architects, and data scientists identify potential use cases, toolchains, and best practices for deploying domain-specific LLMs. Our implementation and deployment services leverage HARMAN's proprietary LLM fine-tuning framework and methodology to streamline the development, deployment, and management of machine learning solutions in production, ensuring model efficacy and scalability.

By partnering with HARMAN for domain-specific LLM services, organizations can overcome the challenges associated with model development, deployment, and monitoring, improve collaboration, and ultimately achieve better business outcomes through reliable, efficient, and high-quality machine learning solutions tailored to their unique industry needs.

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