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Liferay powered by Bitnami

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Do not run on a micro
By Daniel
To the previous reviewer. If you run an Enterprise J2EE app in a micro instance with 640Mb of RAM, please do not complain later on that it runs slow. The rest of the comments regarding the application are not specific to the BitNami image or to running it on AWS, but for Liferay itself.
unresponsive, unclear, and not secure
By Ronald Pyatt
I tried this one on a micro instance. The home page could use a better introduction as the plain look gave me no clue where to start. Pages took far too long to load, which may have been due to it being a micro instance. After figuring out how to add a user, which was very unclear to begin with and cumbersome, users without admin access could promote themselves with no trouble. This left me feeling that the security settings were being ignored. The placement for site settings, configuration, and control panel appeared haphazard. I got the impression a "company" or isolated subfolders could be added, but I could not seem to find out how that worked. Perhaps spending more time with this might reveal a more useful package.
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