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Starting from $0.01 to $0.05/hr for software + AWS usage fees

OpenVPN is a mature, full-featured Open Source virtual private networking solution. It uses a lightweight design based on SSL and enables remote workers to tunnel in and access machines on a network remotely. Open Source Software is free but your time isn't and JumpBox is here to help with commercial solutions to simplify the deployment and management of Open Source software on Amazon EC2. This JumpBox is one of a library of over fifty pre-configured, regularly updated AMIs with a consistent deployment and management experience. With more than 5 years experience and tens of thousands... See more

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Don't waste your time...

  • By Ara J.
  • on 06/13/2013

Configuring this server is a royal pain. If you want OpenVPN to be simple to install and configure, use the AMIs directly from OpenVPN instead listed here:

OpenVPN server port not working

  • By Cristian Tala S.
  • on 04/15/2013

I could not make the server configuration to use the default or other port.

It always use 1981.

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