aiProtect Denial of Service Protection

Starting from $0.29/hr or from $2,159.00/yr (15% savings) for software + AWS usage fees

aiProtect solves the problems that http(s) web application have, when they slow down, under a high load of traffic. This traffic can either be caused by a high number of visitors or by DDoS attack. aiProtect is a Web Application FireWall specialized in protecting dynamic websites, when their webservers are overwhelmed by requests. aiProtect works like a reverse proxy server and is placed in between your origin server and the web. It works by forwarding the "valid"requests whilst dropping the "bad"traffic. Some examples of defensive measurements include: IP blocking, enforcing client time-l... See more

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Successful case

  • By Alejandro celis
  • on 06/26/2012

Our site was under attack (DDOS) for several weeks, and it took us a long time to find the correct solution for this. First, we tried very expensive solutions, but not only we could not keep paying the service, but the service was not that good.

since the first day we tried the solution provided by aiCache, we realized that this was the solution we were looking for. We are not a big site yet, so we were looking for a solution according to our size, and aiCache has provided exactly that.

when it come to the service.... Excellent! the set up the solution within 2 hours for free, and after that, you need to pay, but it is worth it.... If you want thing well done, you need professionals, and these guys are...

I want to say that I have done this only because my experience has been excellent... I totally recommend it.

Alejandro Celis

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