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SAP Afaria, cloud edition

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Best Mobile Device Management Tool
By Vikram R. Bokka "Vikram"
AFARIA helped our clients I.T Dept to control the entire mobile device platform.

Protects your investment today and tomorrow
Afaria was built from the ground up by the company that understands enterprise mobility. Ensuring IT a comprehensive offering complete with real-time analytics saving companies time and money.

Provides extensive security and flexibility
Data and content is backed up and can be deleted if a device is lost or stolen. Sensitive data on devices is encrypted, and security policies are centrally enforced. IT can be confident that sensitive company information is secure outside the office.

Offers powerful application and device management
Afaria provides the tools to solve complex management tasks simply and effectively. IT has full control of the devices and applications deployed with the flexibility to manage even away from the central console.

Allows IT to deliver fixes, upgrades and refreshes to mobile users in the field
IT can add, update or remove applications, data and content without the users' involvement and can ensure mobile workers have the correct software and data in the field. Your users can be confident that the data on their devices is up-to-date and reliable.

Minimizes user downtime with bandwidth optimization
All management tasks can be done regardless of bandwidth available, thanks to Afaria's optimization capabilities. Applications managed with Afaria have continuous, consistent availability and performance. All management activity happens in the background, leaving the user undisturbed.
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