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Starting from $0.027/hr or from $237.00/yr (up to 60% savings) for software + AWS usage fees

No need to configure, let our experience do the work for you. Ready-to-run versions of WordPress completely integrated and configured. You'll be ready to start developing as soon as it's launched on the world's leading cloud platform. Available with full access and control to get exactly what you need. 1. Simple Preconfigured 1-click launch so you can hit the ground running. 2. Unlimited Scalability Start small or dream big. On-demand memory, CPU,and additional storage, just when you need it. 3. Lightning Fast Bleeding edge technology built upon years of expertise. All to deliver the fas... See more

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Great performance (and support too)

  • By Happy Customer From Ams
  • on 04/21/2015

Well, it finally happened!

I have been long looking for the best WordPress solution that suits my site.. I started with managed hosting, but the ratio price/performance was not positive.... It was too slow and too expensive for the deal.. I needed a faster site...

After long research, I found an interesting alternative (which also supports the cool HHVM).. Running under AWS cloud. So now we speak hhvm + aws.... I got excited!

I contact the people from Amimoto, and after the formal stuff they migrated my site withing 24 hours (wow)

I can recommend ANIMOTO, the performance of their wp stack + managed support will not disappoint you!

It’s awesome!

  • By Maciej Pilarski
  • on 04/07/2015

Very easy to configure and the best thing about AMIMOTO HHVM is it’s WordPress-developer friendly.
As a user in Europe, I am very thankful for it being available in Frankfurt region.

I was worried about the performance issue and the plugins compatibility with each other. (WPML + Nginx Cache Controller) But there was no problem at all.
They all worked perfectly fine and it’s fast.

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