Magento Certified by Bitnami (PV)

This image is for customers that require legacy paravirtualization support (PV). New deployments should use the "Magento" image at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>. Magento is one of the most popular open source e-Commerce shopping cart systems in the world. It is extremely flexible and has a huge variety of plugins and add-ons to build just about any type of store. Magento powers the main e-Commerce sites for many of the world's most recognizable corporate brands and continues to grow in popular... See more

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Too slow

  • By magentor
  • on 12/19/2017

cannot login using the default password in system log.
change the password via cli and login success but the system crash when adding the product.

Number of bugs in this Magento 2 build

  • By Binami Magento 2 Build needs a lot of work!!!!
  • on 12/11/2016

The Magento 2 build (dec 2016) is full of bugs and should not be installed unless you're happy to spend a lot of time fixing this release. A key pricing "customizable Option" which is a standard core feature in Magento 1 and 2 cannot be changed to percentage increase, is stuck on fixed pricing which is somewhat disappointing.

There are a number of other bugs including when uploading themes, layouts get misaligned and not all data gets imported. I am seriously concerned about this Magento 2 build. Install at your peril...

Nice and Optimized

  • By Joydeep Bhattacharya
  • on 09/10/2015

The Bitnami Magento Stack is easy to install and maintain. Its quiet optimized and not complicated. However the 8GB HDD is very less and it should give us the option to increase the storage.

Username &quot;user&quot; in combination with password from &quot;Get System Log&quot; do not work

  • By Rik de Boer
  • on 08/09/2015

This Bitnami Magento stack installs fine, if you use a "small" instance.
The installer runs out of memory when using a "micro" instance (which is elible for the Free Tier).
Another problem for us was that we could not login with the advertised admin user name of "user" and the password that we found in the AWS console under Actions -> Instance settings -> Get System Log.
We had to SSH into the instance and reset the admin password through another means.

Login problems on t1.micro

  • By Frédéric Brodar
  • on 07/28/2015

Does not work on t1.micro, we cannot have a good connection to the admin page.
Bugs appear, I must constantly reboot and reset, but no solutions.
I think there is not enough resources on t1.

It is Awesome

  • By kwokjohn
  • on 07/21/2015

The aws instance is perfectly pre-configured. The guideline and instruction is very clear and detailed. It saved me a lot of time for setting up the instance. It really help me a lot.

Very easy to deploy, works very well

  • By itai
  • on 05/26/2015

Great product.

There is only one problem that I noticed, but I'm not sure if it's an issue with Magento-Bitnami.

Sometimes when I install a new extension, the settings page of the extension gives a 404 error. There is a simple Fix for whenever that happens.. Going to System -> Permissions -> Roles, then going into the Admin Role -> Role Users -> Reset Filter -> Save.

If it's a Magento-Bitnami issue, it would be great if the devs could fix it somehow.

Other than that, it works wonderfully.

I like it

  • By Paulo
  • on 11/26/2014

I'm evaluating yet, so far I like it, VM has a good setup and everything works well SSH, FTP...

Time saver

  • By Todd Seiber
  • on 08/20/2014

This setup was perfect. It saved me plenty of time trying to figure out the setup myself. Thank you to the Bitnami team!

Awesome Magento Stack

  • By Thiago K
  • on 05/06/2014

Excellent work and support provided by the Bitnami team. The application works perfectly and I saved a lot of time with this stack. Thank you very much!