VM-Series Next-Generation Firewall Bundle 2

Starting from $1.28/hr or from $4,500.00/yr (60% savings) for software + AWS usage fees

The VM-Series complements AWS Security Groups and Network ACLs, by uniquely classifying and controlling your AWS traffic based on the application identity, and applying Threat Prevention policies to block known and unknown cyberattacks. With the VM-Series, you can quickly create a hybrid architecture that extends your existing datacenter onto AWS via an IPsec VPN tunnel. As your AWS deployment grows, application whitelisting and segmentation policies can be implemented to maintain compliance and improve your security posture by preventing cyberattacks from moving laterally from VPC-to-VPC a... See more

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Painful to get support

  • By David
  • on 09/12/2017

Apparently, you can use the web console to register your device to get 24/7 support and to register cases , but guess what? "is not supported" anymore so you have to use the https://support.paloalto .... You have to create the account and register the device, but you need Device Serial Number or Auth Code: or Sales Order Number or Customer Id. The only one you can get is the Serial number but it doesn't work. I had my account from a paloalto trainning with the business email, we also have physical paloaltos, but you can't register for support with this account for some reason...

AHHH but there's more, in the webconsole there's an email you can use to reach support team, i redacted my email with evidence of the issue just to find out this email is not a valid way to reach support since 1 march 2016, but the console still has the option.

i know this is a good solution but i don't know why this is so difficult when you are buying from AWS...

2 stars for the effort :D

login issue ?

  • By Dawit
  • on 08/27/2017

I have created a new instance of Palo Alto Firewall, I followed the steps to create public IP address to access the Fire Wall with user name admin password admin but not successful, keeps saying invalid username and password. Is there any other default password cause I haven’t set anything to begin with

Excellent Products

  • By Satisfied Customer
  • on 08/20/2016

The Palo Alto Networks products are excellent, and I've had no problems with them to date. You can run active-passive in two AZs if you want. Just create a Lambda function to monitor the firewall and change the AWS route table if the primary firewall fails. This is not a limitation of the PAN firewalls, but rather the way AWS works. Since AWS does not offer dynamic routing, you have to handle it in a different manner.

Can't run Active/Passive in different Availability Zones

  • By Ornesto
  • on 08/08/2016

I spent several hours with support, and they finally told me it's not supported. AWS recommends you run in multiple Availability Zones for Redundancy and HA, but this won't work with the Palo Alto device, unless you purchase 2 per AZ.

Fast and Secure

  • By Emmanuel Arenas Garcia
  • on 01/19/2016

Excellent, The VM-Series works perfectly
-1 click deploy
-Easy to configure as Gateway, so it can inspect all traffic.
-Includes all Palo Alto Licenses.
-Better performance than the physical ones.
-BYOL option.

-You must purchase the VM-300, it may be too much for minor requirements
-No VM-100/200 Series Bundles available

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