Pulse Secure Virtual Traffic Manager Developer & BYOL Edition

This Dev and BYOL Edition offers you the opportunity to test all the features of the Pulse Secure (formerly Brocade) Virtual Traffic Manager (vTM) with Web Application Firewall (vWAF). This high-performance Load Balancer & application delivery controller is designed to deliver fast, secure & more reliable access to web sites & applications & offers 'High Availability' via active-active deployment.To use this AMI to set up a BYOL License, please refer to the Getting Started Guide. Pulse vTM is highly portable. It can be deployed on all major clouds & hybrid environments. vTM manages applica... See more

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Great way of deploying SteelApp to AWS

  • By Matt J
  • on 02/07/2015

We use SteelApp TM within our own hosted infrastructure, and love it as a product. Being able to one-click deploy within AWS is great for a test/dev perspective, as well as hybrid cloud approaches.

A neat touch - the install provides user-data that you can use to launch additional instances and automatically add to a cluster, protected by an elastic IP address.

Very impressed - just hope that new owners Brocade keep the same levels of service!

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