Geocoder / Geoparser (USA, Canada)

Starting from $1.10/hr or from $6,000.00/yr (up to 59% savings) for software + AWS usage fees

Geocode any location in North America (USA or Canada) containing a street address, a postal or zip code, a street intersection, a landmark, ip address, a city, a point (latitude,-longitude) or a combination of these location entities. Full Rest API (CSV, XML, Json and Jsonp) See See more

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Incredibly Slow

  • By Sean
  • on 05/31/2017

I appreciate that it works out of the box, but even on an r4.2xlarge instance it regularly takes 15-120s to geocode a structured address. SQS queue has been draining for days now.

Not very flexible

  • By Tim Stallmann
  • on 02/09/2016

Very easy to use and install! But

Compared to the free MapQuest nominatim this was slower - although maybe it needed to churn longer to get through startup tasks? I ran 500+ queries and didn't see a significant speed increase - and much less willing to make a guess about vague addresses or assign PO Boxes to the city or zipcode centroid.

Great product!

  • By Brian Pichette
  • on 11/09/2015

Very easy to launch, very efficient, and cost effective compared to alternatives. Results were accurate. Highly recommended for high volume processing. Support was very responsive and knowledgeable.

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