Riverbed SteelConnect Gateway (SD-WAN)

Starting from $0.07 to $1.99/hr for software + AWS usage fees

SteelConnect lets you effortlessly realize the latest trend in highly-compartmentalized, multi-VPC architectures. Automated VPC selection and gateway deployment creates a full-mesh, secure fabric between your VPCs in all regions. Effortlessly connect your VPC's together in any region, and connect your physical locations directly to AWS from each branch using our Gateways, Access Points and Switches. Everything is controlled via a singular cloud console for a true hybrid-wan solution using the very latest in software-defined automation. VPN performance ranges from 30Mbps to nearly 2Gbps dep... See more

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1-click solution for SD-WAN

  • By Craig Bruce
  • on 10/20/2016

Using SteelConnect Gateway I can now readily access multiple VPCs spread across different AWS accounts and regions in a matter of minutes. For a small agile team this is incredibly useful. I can build my VPC using private subnets and connect our on-premise resources without needing to get our IT department involved (after the initial setup). Where was this three years ago when I needed it?!

One click SDN

  • By Rob Gillan, CTO SimplePay
  • on 07/22/2016

OK, probably a few clicks, but seriously an extremely well engineered solution. Deployment across 4 global AWS regions took less than 10 minutes and suddenly 4 disparate VPCs are one. Choose the size appliance you need based upon your bandwidth expectations and that's it. On demand and no capital outlay or the hassle of maintaining hardware. Bring on the SDN.


  • By Ronny Laborius
  • on 03/30/2016

Connected both my VPC’s together and to my physical office using full-mesh in a matter of minutes after making an IAM role. The level of automation is amazing, actually delivers on the promise. A+

So Freakin' Easy!

  • By Claude Wood
  • on 03/11/2016

10 VPC and auto connect everything in less than 10 minutes?? Are you kidding me? This product has far exceeded my expectations and is so easy to use.

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