PiaSoft Flow Logs Viewer

Starting from $0.03/hr or from $158.00/yr (40% savings) for software + AWS usage fees

Introducing PiaSoft Flow Logs Viewer, a tool that provides clarity into your VPC Flow Logs, with enriching, filtering, and sorting to help you draw conclusions quickly. We help you find Unused Security Group Rules by matching your VPC Flow Logs with your security groups, showing you which rules are used, unused, and detached. Other tools are expensive, yet not actually time-saving. PiaSoft Flow Logs Viewer's main features: 1. Provides quick access to the Flow Log data you are looking for. 2. Matches your VPC Flow Logs with your security groups to show you which rules are used, unused, ... See more

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Unleashes the power of flow logs

  • By Chris
  • on 09/21/2017

Flow logs have always been a point of frustration for me while monitoring my VPC traffic. It was always extremely difficult to interpret and find the data I was looking for. Pia software has saved me time and energy and allows me to sort and search however I want within my flow logs. If you need to locate information quickly to avoid threats to your network, this tool will be very helpful for you.


  • By Brendan T.
  • on 09/20/2017

Parsing VPC Flow Logs is a nightmare at the best of times. This has some great features: sorting, dns lookup, and readable time stamps (to name the most important for me). The interface is quite slick.
Setup was super quick and painless. It took about 10 minutes total, where most of that was spent waiting for my t2.micro instance to spin up.
Overall, excellent addition to a useful security product.

Makes Flow Logs a lot easier to work with

  • By L.K
  • on 08/21/2017

This makes flow logs a lot easier to find info in. Cloudwatch searching is pretty pathetic, so this helps a lot especially with time ranges. Took less than 10 minutes to set up, and it does what it says it does!

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