Debian GNU/Linux 8 (Jessie; PVM for previous generation instance types)

Debian is a computer operating system composed of software packages released as free and open source software primarily under the GNU General Public License along with other free software licenses. Debian GNU/Linux, which includes the GNU OS tools and Linux kernel, is a popular and influential Linux distribution. It is distributed with access to repositories containing thousands of software packages ready for installation and use. Debian is known for relatively strict adherence to the philosophies of Unix and free software as well as using collaborative software development and testing pro... See more

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Debian PVM not Updated to 8.3 or later.

  • By Freitasul Moveis
  • on 06/09/2016

Debian PVM not Updated to 8.3 or later.
I love Debian, but for Several Reasons we need to use AMI PVM and not HVM.
It would be important to update the Debian PVM 8.3 or later.
Thank you for this wonderful operating system.

Found: HVM Support

  • By Brad Spry
  • on 06/11/2015

I was concerned after seeing reviews complaining about a lack of HVM support. But after a cursory search, I found Debian's wiki page, which clearly contains regional HVM AMI IDS:

I Love Debian, and Debian loves me! Sappy!

Great operating system

  • By Esteban Monge
  • on 04/08/2015

I use Debian for years... I love that people upload to AWS.

Debian give a lot of benefits:
-Lots of software
-Free and constant updates
-Lots of documentation
-Fast and smooth
-Community supported

Good work for Debian team. Please Amazon put in official AMIs.

AWS Debian Linux

  • By seclorum
  • on 03/29/2015

This service is a great way to get a basic Linux system up and running and serving functionality on the Internet. With the AWS services, I'm able to move rapidly through design to a fully deployed system, with confidence that the services will function as needed throughout the lifetime of the project.

HVM Supports?

  • By Hexasoft
  • on 03/17/2015

The AMI is clean and neat. But may I know when the HVM supports will be available? Current AMI supports too less instance type.

Nice but no t2

  • By Hugo Rodrigues
  • on 02/03/2015

It's awesome to have Debian on Amazon Web Services but there is one problem, HVM doesn't exists and there are no support for t2 type instances, unlike others distros on AWS. For me, it's the only reason for not using Debian.

Nice & clean

  • By Ain Tohvri
  • on 12/25/2014

Nice and clean image to start with and install all you need.

I'm running it for Rails instance and Drupal (PHP) instance, all stable.

Better than Ubuntu for servers

  • By A
  • on 11/08/2014

For most server uses, Debian is the ideal Linux distro.

Ubuntu adds very little, feature-wise, that is necessary for server uses, and Debian is slimmer, more stable, better-tested, and comes with less cruft.

This should be the default AMI for Linux on AWS.

Familiar with Debian? This is a great minimal build.

  • By Jason Klein
  • on 10/27/2014

Our business has been running on Linux since 2001. Our infrastructure is isolated into many small Debian VPS. In many ways, I suppose we may be a perfect candidate for hosting on AWS.

I used this image to familiarize myself with Debian on EC2. If you are familiar with installing Debian from debootstrap (or any other minimal install method), then installing the specific packages you need for that install, you will be very pleased with this minimal AMI. I appreciate not having to uninstall unnecessary packages.

FWIW, This AMI does not use LVM. Some may prefer LVM for boot encryption, snapshots, RAID over multiple EBS volumes, volume expansion, etc. If you need LVM, you must manually migrate this boot volume to a new EBS volume with LVM.


  • By daniil
  • on 10/19/2014

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