Windows Server 2012 with NVIDIA GRID GPU Driver

Amazon EC2 running Microsoft Windows Server is a fast and dependable environment for deploying applications using the Microsoft Web Platform. The NVIDIA GRID GPU Driver AMI on Amazon EC2 allows application developers to run NVIDIA GeForce-optimized Microsoft Windows DirectX games and Windows applications on AWS's high-performance, reliable, cost-effective, cloud computing platform. To begin streaming games and applications, developers should install TeamViewer <a href="" target="_blank"></a> on the AMI and local client. Or, if you have the c... See more

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Can't login

  • By richard
  • on 02/02/2017

Similar to other recent reviews, instance spins up fine, checks pass, but unable to remote desktop in (it just times out) and can't get the Windows password either.

Can't login

  • By Geronimo
  • on 11/09/2015

You can't request admin password, can't login, checks pass fine but connect screen hangs on wait. Waste of time.

Didn't Pass The Second Status Check

  • By Brendan L.
  • on 10/22/2015

I started this up, but I was not able to actually log into it as the second status check never completed

Unable to get windows password since 1/2 checks passed

  • By C Varri
  • on 05/19/2015

Started the instance, and 1/2 checks passed during Initialization. Hence, unable to get windows password so unable to connect. No point in launching this instance if it cannot be used.

Excellent AMI

  • By Imagination!
  • on 05/14/2015

Pros: It does exactly as advertised. A strong Windows Server 2012, desktop included, which uses the NVidia GRID. Extremely fast and can run or render anything you throw at it. All for the price of 70 cents an hour.

-Requires some setup, as other reviews have stated, you must install the Grid K520 drivers from their site and then DISABLE the default display adaptor in Device Manager. Otherwise your card won't be detected.

-Even though m3.medium instance is advertised as an option for this AMI, m3.medium does NOT offer NVidia GRID capabilities! To use this AMI's GPU resources, you MUST launch this with at least a G2 instance to have an Nvidia Grid! This confused me at first, but is likely mis-labeling or people wanting to use this AMI for a normal non-accelerated desktop.

-Teamviewer is NOT an acceptable solution to streaming 3D graphics or HD Video! Even though the lag is almost nonexistent, it's still obvious.
This does not subtract from the score because I got this AMI as an experiment to see if lag would be unnoticable when watching HD Video or streaming a game from Steam. Maybe on some connections, it would be, but I'm on a fairly fast connection and anything action-oriented is unplayable. This might change if proper desktop streaming software is installed as opposed to Teamviewer.

Adobe After Effects CC2014 wont detect the GRID K520 Gpu

  • By Cly3d
  • on 05/12/2015

As in the title...
Spent a good few hours, and after being excited going in, had to terminate all hope of using After Effects and Amazon EC2 as a render-farm solution.

In AE preferences, it's blind to the GPU.
3D Plugins such as Element, crash.
Hope this gets sorted soon. EC2 is a sweet option to a render farm

RDP + GPU work perfectly

  • By dtwell
  • on 04/11/2015

I've been using this AMI for a year over RDP in multi-monitor with full GPU acceleration without any issue. I also have sound out.

The trick is to make sure you install the GRID K520 driver, then Disable the "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter" in Device Manager. Do not uninstall it or it will re-install and take over again.

Reboot and you're good to go.

RDP lag is unnoticeable for me. Even HD YouTube videos play almost like on my host machine.

Sound in doesn't work, but I can do GoToMeetings from the host while showing the VM.

If you benefit from this information, please return the favor by asking Amazon to add more RAM to the AMI! 15GB doesn't cut it for large projects. Good luck.

Audio possible with virtual sound card

  • By WhatHaveYou
  • on 01/22/2015

By default there is no sound support via the TeamViewer method.

That can be fixed with a virtual sound card.

Virtual Audio Cable is a shareware, its interface is a madness designed for audiophiles. Too much work for my simple need of getting GPU + sound work in the cloud.

The free, simple alternative is VB-Cable. It requires zero configuration. Just install it under TeamViewer and it will work after restart.

Get it here (

I was able to get Premiere Pro CC and hardware rendering working. Real world test though the audio almost always lags the image for ~2 seconds when I test it from home.

No experience with other GPU on the cloud solutions.

not most recent GRID K520 Driver,

  • By Bob
  • on 01/20/2015

This advertises itself as the driver to use for the GRID VCA, but the most recent driver you want is found at the nvidia website, the Grid K520 driver

If you are looking to stream a game with this AMI this is not for you.

  • By rennsix
  • on 12/07/2014

There is no sound driver (so no output) and the GPU driver is not installed automatically. Besides being quick to get launched it stops there. Back to OTOY AMI.