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OpenVPN Access Server

OpenVPN Access Server is a full featured SSL VPN software solution that integrates OpenVPN server capabilities, enterprise management capabilities, simplified OpenVPN Connect UI, and OpenVPN Client software packages that accommodate Windows, MAC, and Linux, mobile OS (Android and iOS) environments.... See more

Customer Reviews

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Great vpn app and OS bundle!!!

  • By Steve Iannuzzo
  • on 03/23/2015

Rock solid Ubuntu and Openvpn bundle!!!

Had the server, application, and remote users up in less than 1 hour.

Good documentation for setup - Very good support via email by Openvpn.

Less than $100 for a 10 user licence, well worth the investment.

Will certainly be using this product for many of my clients!

OpenVPN is the way to go

  • By CB-Siteops
  • on 03/16/2015

I was suspicious about the product first because I am used to work with Brandname such as Cisco SSL VPN and Juniper SA. so, I decided to download the product and use it for my AWS installation. it only took me 5 minutes to get the instance installed and configured. bye bye bastion host….

i recommended to anyone who want access to their AWS resources without have to go through the Cisco/Juniper/Checkpoint/Paloalto pain.

I am enjoying it and why should not you…

thank you.

You are asked to provide a password you don't know

  • By Limited
  • on 03/04/2015

You are asked to provide a password on the admin login which is supposed to be the same password you use to authenticate / connect to the server. However if you login with a certificate there is no password so you are out of luck!

"Login as "openvpn" with the same password used to authenticate
to this UNIX host."

Quick and scalable VPN solution

  • By M. Stieler
  • on 02/25/2015

I needed a fast solution for a VPN to circumvent Internet restrictions in a hotel I stayed. Using the OpenVPN AMI I was able to install my own VPN server in minutes. Just start the VM (smallest machine was sufficient), connect to SSH and answer a few installation questions.
On the other hand, in our company we are also using OpenVPN with about 10-20 active connections to the VPC.

5 minutes to setup a VPN !

  • By Thomas Decaux
  • on 02/16/2015

Took me 5 minutes to setup a VPN, nothing to configure, just accept the licence, enter a new user, and download the VPN client.

VPN client is already configured, nothing to do on client side too!

OpenVPN Server

  • By paul
  • on 01/28/2015

Very straight forward to set-up and get running. Very reliable and good throughput. In-fact, due to compression, it provides a small speed boost to my standard internet connection. Runs fine on the micro server.

Quick and easy VPN

  • By BarnaCloud SL
  • on 01/27/2015

The faster and easier way to implement a VPN that works great. We also have the guarantee that security is also solved.

In two hours we could do all the technical checks we needed to present the project to a client.

Thanks for making an easier world.

OpenVPN really opens the avenues!

  • By Syed Javed
  • on 01/10/2015

I had an opportunity to use this product while practicing Hybrid network solution and was amazed with this open source solution. Had a few issues while configuring it on Ubuntu but finally was able to create a tunnel between AWS VPC and my private network. After connection, things work like charm and it's easy to have your AD site in cloud as well as various other apps. Great job AWS😀

Fast, simple set up, and it works pretty much out of the box

  • By Mr Marshall
  • on 12/15/2014

We decided to try out OpenVPN to solve a couple of connectivity issues we were having between our hosted VPN provider and AWS. After a quick search on Google it became apparent that OpenVPN has helped so many solve VPN issues that it seemed like a no brainer.

Just spin up an instance from the market place, ssh into the box and follow the wizard. Exceptionally easy to set up, allowing us to connect to AWS servers with ease.

Easy to Setup, Easy to Maintain

  • on 11/30/2014

I have used several VPN products and services as a "user". However, this is my first VPN server as an "administrator". Within a few hours, I had a VPN server installed and running in a public VPC and had both Windows and Android clients connected. After making adjustments to my VPC, I had to change the VPN server several times. The Windows and Android clients easily followed those changes. It is a very nice product.