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It's working like they say, but you can't update your PHP version.

  • By Asi
  • on 09/21/2020

The only way to update your PHP version is by export your site, launch new instance, restore backup...

It was fun when we had 2 wordpress sites, but now we have above 10 wordpress sites on Bitnami and it's time consuming, hopefully Bitnami will provide a way to update PHP.

Wordpress shows in health check the PHP version and say it's outdated, customers ask us to update PHP more often...

  • By Teleputer
  • on 11/09/2020

The reply by Bitnami makes me feel this WordPress platform is not supported very well. Especially if they cannot figure out a way, other than the migration tool, to upgrade to PHP 7.4. On the WordPress website - They say WordPress will work 3x or 4x faster by upgrading PHP to 7.4. There must be a really good explanation of why AWS does not offer WordPress 5.5 on PHP 7.4. So AWS Bitnami, if you are listening, please work on a WordPress 5.5 stack with Php 7.4 without having to use a migration tool. Thank you! Steve

  • By Boon
  • on 10/16/2020

i am also having this problem. wordpress health shows that is is outdated. While the wordpress is still running well, it is painful to see the outdated php especially when i just did the migration to the new php version early this year. Seems i have to do migration twice a year.. Will bitnami be able to solve the issue for the upgrade of the components like php?

  • By Bitnami
  • on 10/07/2020

Sorry to hear your experience did not go well. As you mentioned, migrating the data to a new instance is the only way to update the base components in the Bitnami stack. We have made available guides to perform this migration ( In case you have multiple sites, we suggest you use the Bitnami WordPress Multisite solution ( that allows you have all the sites in the same instance so you can migrate all your sites at the same time. For times when you need additional support, we provide support from our engineers in our Community forum ( We would appreciate if you could open a thread referencing this review at our community forum, to allow our team to review the issues you encountered and improve our documentation and application based on your feedback. Thanks!

  • By Shawn
  • on 10/05/2020

Concur on the PHP version issue. It would be really nice to be able to upgrade in place; one of my instances is an ecommerce/event management setup with a lot of moving parts, and I'd far rather be able to just take a backup in case of mishaps and move forward in the same instance, rather than risk overlooking some crucial detail.